Picked these up at Matin Auction in Clinton, IL. Not exactly sure what brand the big one is but it is big! Look at the tire compared to Dad. It has 2 compartments and it holds about 300 bushel-I am putting on some 12" extensions this winter which will probably put it close to 370 bu. Tires on all of the wagons are in great shape!

The two white wagons are New Idea gear, they hold about 325 bushel each with the extensions. I really wasn't planning on getting both of them as I only wanted two wagons and had already bought the big one but the price was really good and I couldn't pass them up. We brought them both home behind the Yukon and they pulled really nice!

In the end it turned out to be good as it takes about an hour round trip to the elevator and I could have the single wagon filled by the time my hauler got back from the elevator with the other two. With the larger combine next year I should probably consider adding one more so each trip into the elevator can have 600bu.

And Yes, we did pull them home with the Yukon.

Below are some pictures of the wagons-click on the images for a larger view.

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