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1986 IH
1976 Chevy
We stepped the trucks up a notch in 08 and added our first Diesel, sold the old 67 GMC. The IH is a 1986 with 155,000 miles. The engine was overhauled at 145,000 and it really runs nice. Compared to the old gas trucks it has a LOT more power and due to the longer bed and slightly higher sides it holds about 400-420 where the old ones hold 300-320. This truck has air conditioning, a working radio, and power steer-all of which were not on the 67 it is replacing.

The tan truck is a 1976 Chevy C60, I bought it from a neighbor who bought it new and has only used it to haul grain, and it has 50,000 origional miles. We got the 1st one in 1995 and it made everything so much easier compared to wagons that we added the newer on in 1996. After adding the IH this truck is for sale.

I figure for Julie to drive a truck for me it is going to have to have Air Conditioning, Power Steering, and Automatic Transmission, now that we are close she still isn't biting.

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