This may be the only new piece of equipment I will get. It is a 20" MM flatbed trailer direct from the factory in Sikeston, MO. If you are ever going to buy a trailer then go to Sikeston, it is the trailer capitol of the world and if you come pick up the trailer most of the dealers there will sell you their stuff at dealer cost. This one has electric brakes on both axles, 18" centers for the deck, 2 600lb axles, 6" channel iron all around, and the extra wide 84" floor. The only surprise was the cost of the Reese 12,000lb weight distributing hitch and the brake controller...ouch!.

I was going to wait for an auction but decided that I wanted one that I could keep and would work for all necessary reasons. This trailer is a little heavy for the Yukon XL 1500 I am currently using to pull it (2000lb empty-12,000lb capacity) but if I can ever afford a new truck (and I am quickly realizing I need a 3/4 ton at least) then the trailer will still be good. The 6 ton capacity should be large enough to hold everthing up to a 4020...basically all of my equipment except the combine and my biggest tractor.

The before and after pictures below are when I first got it and after I built some wooden sides and polyurethaned the deck so I can use it to haul brush, bagged seed, 4 wheelers, or whatever else comes up. The sides are removable with quick attach pins so I can quickly turn it back into a flatbed. The end gates and sides are all on hinges so basically any section can be open and closed or easily dismantled.

Below are some pictures of the trailer-click on the images for a larger view.


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