Before Before Insulating Ceiling Nailers
Homemade Rollable Tool Rack

Shop Finishing 2008

Plan for Winter 08 was to finally finsh a good shop area. I am planning a 40x40 concrete pad with 2 walls insulated with R19 and cieling with R38 and to use a curtian for the other 2 walls that can be pushed out of the way in the summer.

After getting off to a good start and getting all the ceiling nailers in apparently god had a differnet plan for me to spend more time with family this winter-and I fell of a scaffolding and broke my arm in Dec. It turned out to be a good thing anyway. But project is way way behind and looks like it won't get completed until next winter.

Feb 21, 08: Progress is being made now-my arm is 90% recovered and I am again making progress. Wiring is complete including circuits for new lights and 2 ceiling fans and installed all the JTrim. I am working on completing nailers and insulation and anticipate some tin going up next week. Concrete is tentatively scheduled for the first week in March depending on the weather.

After the arm incident I have hired a local contractor to come in and finish the ceiling and to put the main structure in for a 7x24 loft.

Hopefully this summer I plan to:
1) Finish wall tin
2) Finish loft
3) New shop lighting
4) New large air compressor and plumb lines around 2 sides of building
5) Install Radiant Heater
6) Install Track and Insulated Curtain

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