Rebuilding a No-Till Planter.
Here are the before and current pictures (Click to see larger images)
Before Current
Latest Work.
Added some electric clutches to be able to shut the planter in 4 seperate 3-row sections
Next year I plan to hook it into Raven Cruizer GPS we use for spraying to let it
Determine when to shut off units, for now I am doing it by hand with 4 switches
in the cab.
This page documents my winter project-planter rebuild. I really enjoyed rebuilding the 6-row (see other page), and was very happy with the way it performed. So when we got some more land and were in need of a larger planter I basically decided to do the same thing. This planter was different from the 6-row I bought in that while it looked like heck it really wasn't in too bad of mechanical condition-just needed to no-till updates for the attachments I prefer and some cleanup work and painting. It already had the gauge wheel arm updates and RID tires, etc. Basically here is what we did:

1) Move wheel drive system over from 6 row-new brackets required
2) Replaced all old style John Deere chain idlers with Shoup system.
3) Replaced ALL chains.
4) Replaced any questionable bearings.
5) Replaced old John Deere closing wheel brackes with new Deere 7200 style. (To allow bolt on closing wheels)
6) Replaced John Deere corn meters with Precision Planting Meters
7) Repainted faded fibreglass and rusty parts and all shanks
8) Rebuilding 1 leaky lift cylinder
9) Resetting all openers and gauge wheels to proper toleranaces
10) Replacing a couple hydraulic hoses that were starting to fray
11) Removing all the big bean boxes
12) Repainting markers and preventatively welding some braces where it has been dinged
13) Put on electric clutches to shut off 1/2 the planter at a time
14) Put on new turn signals & flashers and control box for road safety

And converted to no-till by:
1) Removing coulters and adding Yetter floating row cleaners with treader wheels.
2) Adding Martin spiked closing wheels
3) Ading Closing Drag Chain

Next winter I will probably:
1) Replace openers and scrapers and seed tube guards
2) Finish repainting frame
3) Replace seed tubes with Bullseye tubes and new keeton seed firmers

Total time invested was right at 120 hours, only think left to do this year before planting is to install the electric shutoff clutches so I can turn each 1/2 of the planter off from the cab.

Click on the images for a larger view.


Before Pictures, Decent planter in need of some TLC

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