I have converted from a consultant to a permenant employee of Expree-Scripts (ESI). ESI has been very generous and is going to let me spend a lot of time working from home. It works out good-I only spend two nights a week away from home and get all the benefits of being a big company employee. I feel very blessed.

This past year was spent primarily working, fixing up my old farm equipmnet, finishing the house, farming, and a little consulting on the side. The farm has really come a long way and not taking all the time it was when we first started. I couple more years of farm income to upgrade the weaker pieces of equipment and we will be in good shape.

Running has been steady but slow, Earl has got me going again, going to try for NY Marathon again this year..

Unfortunately due to my busy schedule something had to slip, the EquipmentBarn website has not recieved proper care and feeding and usage has dropped. The book I wrote has not recieved any attention even through I have about 40 pages of updates to make now that I have a couple real years of farming behind me.

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