After a long search I was able to track down one of my grandfather’s tractors-a 1950 MM U. Went to the auction to look and when we got there we found some of his handwriting in pencil on the hood-oil change/capacities, etc. Knew then I had to buy it at any price, luckily it went cheap. I have never been so nervous at an auction as bidding on that tractor. Also got the repair catalog and maintenance manual that came with it, it has a lot of his notes in the manual.

Thinking when we restore it I am going to somehow leave those areas with his writing untouched and clear coat or something over the writing.

I have the sale bill from his auction and the sale bill from the auction where I got it back. Going to have them framed together. See attached pictures, last one is grandma sitting on the tractor when new in 1950.

Bringing Her Home
Restoration Pics-done by Eric Schuster, Schuster Tractor Painting, Moweaqua, IL. Thrilled with how it came out!
Getting her in top mechanical shape before starting restore
Future pics as restore gets started-probably 2013, but for now just glad to have it home

Found this video of Grandpa and I doing some farming together in the 70s

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