Ed Winkle, teaching from
the root pit
Chris Pellow Behind
Sweating like crazy The Root Pit Roots at 36"

Field Day 2007

On August 2, 2007 we had our first field day on the farm, the topic was mainly no-till and corn on corn. We were lucky enough to have Ed "The Corn Whisperer" Winkle (he says it is more like "Corn Yeller") teaching from a root pit and Jeff Martin on hand to answer questions.

Though the temps were almost 100 degrees we had great group, I think almost everyone in attendance was a comitted no-tiller but it was great to get together and share ideas, being such a rookie I don't think anyone learned more than me.

Also in attendance was Mr. Chris Pellow from Auckland, NZ. Chris was touring the United States learning about no-till corn production and touring ethanol plants. It was very interesting to hear how different farming is in New Zeland. How would you like to farm where:

1) There is no market for beans, so corn on corn is the norm
2) Land costs $10,000 per acre +
3) Cash rent is $450 per acre +
4) Your prices are fixed all year
   (last year corn was around $8 a bushel)
5) No subsidies at all, and no crop insurance

And with $8 a gallon diesel costs no wonder they are looking at no-till!!

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I wish they all
looked like this
Natural vs Man
Made Compaction
Different Variety
Root Comparisons
Spotting Compaction

We picked one of the poorer places on the farm to do the root pit, but it was too hot to go elsewhere. In hindsite I think that may have been good-I definately learned some things to work on in those areas.

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