Pictures from 2014.

Drone Pictures
Harvest Pictures
GoPro Pictures
Planting Pictures
Thanks to Uncle Larry we are adding our fourth new farm in the last four years. One nice square field, probably the best ground we have ever farmed.
Various Summer Activities.
Equipment Upgrades
Biggest additions this year were addition of a seed tender, added a tandem truck, and a total revamp of GPS technology-including auto steer and GPS controlled sprayer and planter sections and a 4 wheel steer cart for sidedress bar and a water/liquid nitrogen tender
Becks Helicopter Trip
Paul got to visit Becks Headquarters via a ride in the corporate helicopter
Lots of winter shop work
Combine is going to have to last 2-3 more years so replacing a lot of wear parts and making sure it is in top notch shape.
New concave, cylinder bars, feederhouse chain, etc.

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