Applying Fall Anhydrous
Sprayer Upgrade
Harvest 2012
2012 Wheat crop, seeding tillage radishes.
Planting and fieldwork 2012
Sidedressing Liquid Nitrogen on Corn-Winter Project Worked Great!
The earliest we have ever planted beans (April 26).
The earliest we have ever planted corn (March 26).
Adding a few more acres
Found some more ground to rent (or it found me), currently in CRP so it has to be cleared before planting. I spent several hours cutting thorn trees out of it, after being mowed it looks like a golf course. Plan is to burn it down with some strong chemicals and no-till beans into it.  
As it looked Step 1
Mow It
Step 2
Remove Trees
Ready to Spray
Misc Pics From Aound the Farm
Spring pre planting party, saying goodbye to old tractor, new fuel tanks, etc.
Big Tractor Upgrade
4630 tires were getting a little worn, new ones REALLY expensive, so found a nice clean 4640 at auction.
Winter Shop Work
Building Nitrogen Sidedress Applicator-this is going to be a fun project. Combining old applicator with old sprayer to make a self contained
28% applicator I can use to sidedress nitrogen on corn and run down as little a possible. This will either be really cool or a collossal failure.
If I can stay on schedule field trials in spring of 2012.
Combining thisWith ThisTo make something like this
(but a whole lot cheaper)

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