Pictures from 2011.

2011 is going to be a little mellower year, hopefully get debt paid down from all the 2010 purchases, and only upgrade truck and mower. Big corn year so hoping for good corn growing conditions.

New Loader
No more moving those palletes of seed and chemicals by hand one bag at a time.
Almost Spring
Adding extensions to combine, spring waterway and ditch seeding,
working a little ground before planting, someone took over shop with equipment out.
New Truck
1994 IH8100, used to be an Edy's Ice Cream Semi.
Frame was stretched and bed added.
Automatic Transmission-Yes-that is Julie driving it.
Adding Heat to Shop
Summer Work
Summer Shop Work-Adding Full Finger Conversion to Bean Head
Summer Fun
Flying over 2011 Crops-Not a pretty sight
Fall Field Work
Planting Wheat
Spreading Fertilizer
Applying Liquid Lime
Applying Anhydrous

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