Newest at the top, here are some pictures from 2010. 2010 was an exciting year, after land years added acres we are putting up our first grain bin and upgrading the combine. Lets hope for a little more cooperative weather. So far it is off to a great start. Upgraded from farming with Yukon to first pickup truck, Julie says that now makes us real farmers.

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Other Non-Production Crops
as of June 18
Besides production crops we grow a few things here on the farm for our own use and sharing with friends.
Just a small orchard that is just beginning to bear fruit, some sweetcorn, and a berry patch I am hoping to really expand next year.

In addition to the crops below I would really like to have a big garden but seems we are gone too much in the
summer-and always gets away from us, maybe after retirement. Luckily we have some neigbors with great gardens!

We also planted about 150 christmas trees, looking forward to having some of them ready in a few years.
Peaches Apples Pears Cherries (already picked this
Blackberries Blackberries and Raspberries Blackberries Raspberries
My Buddy and I out scouting crops
Crop Pictures as of June 18, 2010.
Spraying 2010.
Planting Beans 2010.
Meals in the field-Various Kinds
Best-Wife and kids brings
out lunch and we eat
together. This time it
was Jimmy Johns.
Close 2nd-Wife brings out
hot lunch and I eat in
Third-Pack my own-usually
grab some junk on way out
of house and regret not
taking time later.
Worst-Can't see it? Neither
can I.
Corn Planting 2010.

Putting down AMS (Nitrogen)
Jan 28th, 10 degrees.

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