Newest at the top, here are some pictures from 2009 so far. 2009 is going to be an interesting year, we increased acreage by about 60% but don't have the money to do many equipment upgrades yet so a little harder work and longer hours ahead.

Click on any picture for a larger image.

Video of some 09 Activities
Corn And Soybean Harvest 09
Crop Pictures 8/21/09, as harvest nears mowing starts.
Got some classic of my helpers mowing, and you can see it raining on the other side of bean field in
first pic in 3rd row below.
There is more to summer than farming.
Flying, July 13, 2009
Pictures around Central Illinois-from Decatur to about 60 miles south.
Some more spraying and Summer 09 Pics.
Spraying Corn 09.
Bean Planting & Sidedressing Corn.
Video of planting beans
Corn Planting.
Video of us planting corn in Argenta, IL
Winter Shop Fun.
Planter Upgrade for 2009, Found a good deal on a 12-row, not pretty but good mechanical condition.
Nothing a wirewheel and 30 cans of spraypaint can't fix. Need to add no-till row cleaners and spiked closing wheels and minor parts upgrades.
Will be ready to go by April.
New Ground Added in 2009! Exciting for me to get first farm rented from someone other than family.
Thank you Dr. Boyd!!
3 fields
Field 1 Field 2
Field 3

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