Newest at the top, here are some pictures from 2007.
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Latest Corn Pics and Harvest 07
As usual I got in a big hurry during havest and took almost no pictures. Harvest was almost perfect, great weather and zero combine breakdowns all season. Trucks were a nightmare and broke down almost daily so we know what to improve on next year!
Overhead, July 4 July 4
Overhead, June 30 June 30 June 30 Corn on Corn, June 30.
Sad Looking Sweetcorn, June 22 Little sweetcorn with ear as big as plant, June 22 Field Corn, June 22-48" Tall Best thing growing on our farm, little one is a poser.
No-Till Corn on Corn
Planted May 7
May 31 May 31. Roots-Pulled from 20" corn-May 31. Roots-Pulled from 20" corn-May 31.
No-Till Corn into Bean Stubble
Planted April 21
May 14. May 31. May 31. Spraying Corn-View out back Window, June 4.
Total of .8 inches of rain between May 5 (finished planting) and May 31.
Planting no-till corn into stalks
Corn Planting
My wife thinks planting without a cab makes me look funny. I guess the mix of dust, sweat, hydraulic fluid, and oil are not her idea of sexy. What a beautiful sight, can there be a better way to end a day? Looking at a lot of ground to plant the 2nd morning. Little 6-row planted almost 160 acres in 2 days. Found another gulley that needs to be worked shut.
Nu-Till System at work
Before the planter. Behind the row cleaners, lightly worked. Just ahead of closing wheels. The finished product.
Right Behind the Planter. Corn dug up 4 days later. 8 Days Later. Not real pleased with spacing, I learned med rounds plant a lot better with my meters than flats!
Mower Upgrade2007 Seed
New Grain Cart
Added a grain cart to smooth things out this fall.
Winter Shop Work
2007 started with a lot of work in the shop, replace placement of some of the guts on the combine. Basically new shoe augers, cylinder bars, and feederhouse chain-along with many assoicated bearings. Rebuilding 7000 planter clutch, and other misc work to get things in top shape for the year.
Planter clutch rebuild included new shaft width of planter, new sprockets on all drives, new clutch spring, all new bearings, new dogs and springs. Took about 4-5 hours, I had been dreading this for a long time but it wasn't that bad. Worst part was getting the old one out.
Before After

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