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Farming 2017

Farming 2016

Farming 2015

Farming 2014

Farming 2013

Farming 2011

Farming 2012

Grandpa's Tractor
Comes Home

Farming 2010

New Combine for 2010

Bin Construction

Planter Rebuild #2
Jan 2009

Farming 2009

FarmShows 2009

Shop Finishing

Farming 2008

Pipeline Construction

Farming 2007

USA Today Article

1st Farm Field Day

Farming 2006

Platform Rebuild

Planter Rebuild (1/06)

Spring/Summer 05


Harvest 05

A New Combine
for 2005!

In the Field Fall 2004

In the Field Spring
andSummer 2004

The Shed!

Paul & Martins' Article
from Successful Farming.


Tractor #2!

for Farm

My first tractor!

Click here for a look
at my first piece of
farm equipment!!!

Piece #2-Preparing to bring
home the good stuff.

Click here for an overhead view of the entire 280 acres

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