EquipmentBarn Overview

    EquipmentBarn (EB for short) is a web site and associated infrastructure to provide services to farmers, auctioneers, equipment dealers, and anyone interested in Farm Equipment. EB has been my pet project for the last few months.

     The idea for EB was born when when I had a hard time finding a central site for finding farm equipment auctions and a good free site to post and view farm equipment classifieds for my area. There are several decent region sites but nothing that really allowed me to zero in on what was realistic for me.   Below is a brief FAQ about what EquipmentBarn is as well as links to several documents with more detailed information. If you are more interested in the technical side of how EB was developed go ahead and jump straight to the Equipment Barn Technology page.

What is Equipment Barn?
A site created to provide a place for farmers to post and view free classified advertisements and upcoming auction information.

  For more information see the Equipment Barn FAQ at
  For the goals of EB see the About Us at
  Download or view the detailed EB Design and Planning Doucment Here:   Word  PDF

    Ultimately the long term goals of the site are equipment classified advertisements, all of the up front auction information and community features are just bait to get people to the site now and prove out my architecture before expanding to more users and the implementing the classified features.
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Why was EquipmentBarn built?
  1)I did not want to pay to view/post farm equipment classifieds, yet I still wanted a well designed site with features like email notifications, etc. It seems like the market is missing this tool.
  2) Because I wanted a good single online source to go for upcoming auction information that was relevant to my geographical location.
  3) I needed an excuse to learn Microsoft.Net and integrate with Linux Webservices, a sample project is the only good way to really learn that stuff.
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What does EquipmentBarn do TODAY?
  1)EquipmentBarn currently provides auction listings which are searchable by state & auction type.
  2) EquipmentBarn allows Dealers, Auctioneer, and Regular Users to join the site so they can post information about their upcoming auctions or used equipment.
  3) Support for email alerts for upcoming auctions.  Users can determine what is important to them in an auction and request to have alerts sent to them when an auction meeting that criteria is posted.  This "Set it and Forget It" approach frees the user from constantly having to check back with the site for upcoming auctions in their area.
  4)Email remininder system will allow you to pick specific auctions and recieve email reminders as the auction date approaches.
  5)The ability to manage your own alerts-add and delete as you wish.
  6)A central place to come to start looking for used farm equipment related information, Links to farm equipment related sites, upcoming trade shows, auctions, equipment for sale, discussion groups, etc.
  7) When posting an auction you can optionally request a report on the number of users that viewed their auction and/or clicked through to their website, number of automatic alerts sent, number of requested reminders, etc. As with all auction related features here will be no charge for these reports..
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What features will be added to EquipmentBarn in the future and when?
  1)Auction Keyword search and notification - Version 1.5 (Mid 2003)
This is the first really cool feature that I think will be the best value ad so far! Users will be able to search not only for auctions in their state or of their type but auctions that contain keywords! In addition the notification system will also support keywords. This will allow someone to come to EB and for example create a request like “Email me whenever there is an auction in Illinois that has a John Deere 4020”. This will allow them to take a “Set it and Forget It” approach. They can just sit back and wait for the email to notify them when an auction of their interest is posted. Auction Detail.
  2)Equipment Posting and Searching - Version 2.0 (Late 2003) This will be the real meat of the site. Long term I hope this is what I hope will drive the mass uses-and maybe enough users to sell advertising space on the site. For the latest news on EquipmentBarn features see the Equipment Barn News Page. To see the latest features not yet released or to just play with the system the test environment will be left up an can be accessed at
  3)FarmEquipment related discussion groups-A typical web discussion forum but one completed target to used farm equipment discussions. Topics can range from auction pricing to repair and anywhere inbetween..

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