EquipmentBarn Technology

This page provides a very brief description of the technology used to build EquipmentBarn. At the bottom of this page you will find links to several more detailed documents and web sites that were used as resources.

Click here to see the Building EquipmentBarn Step-By-Step page for a detailed listing of what I did to build my first .Net application. (This is a very long page).

EquipmentBarn was build using primarily using Microsoft .Net technology for the actual website. The email notification system was developed using a Linux/QMail system. Integration between the Microsoft and Linux platforms was completed using Web Services and utilized Perl on the Linux side for handling the email and scheduled processing.

The current version of EquipmentBarn is built from approximately 800 line of TSQL, 2,000 lines of Perl, and 4,500 lines of C# code. Working approximately 15 to 20 hours per week the first version of the site took about 6 months to launch into beta testing. Total time spent was approximately 350 hours development time and 100 hours studying, admin, and research time.

The 450 hour total includes up front research, hardware purchasing, OS and Database installation and configuration, database development, application code development, HTML coding, documentation and proceudre development, marketing plan, and all thegraphic work.

Now that the foundation is in place I estiamte that I could do a comparably sized site in about 1/2 the time.

   For a Hardware Layout and Network Diagram see the Network Diagram: Visio JPEG
   For the most recent database schema: PDF JPEG
   For the most detailed description of Equipment Barn see the EB architecture document: PDF Word
   Here is the EB Operations Document(some elements removed for obvious security reasons): PDF Word
   For testing here is the EquipmentBarn test plan: PDF Word

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