Preparing for 2010 Harvest
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All Cleaned up and ready to go-will never be this clean again.
Last couple weeks has been hours and hours of hot work in the shed. Combine needed a little more work than
I anticipated and I kept waiting for the heat to break-which it never has so just had to bite the bullet and get to it.

As much as I hated to sell the old combine it was time for an upgrade. I can only take so much time off work and with any more ground will need to move to an 8-row corn head. This combine was purchased from a neighbor who took real good care of itů.and it is 15 years newer than my old one. I am having a new GPS and computer Yield Monitor put in it.

There is a little work to be done-couple small things needs replaced and the unloading auger is a little thin but it will be ready to go by fall. The cab is much nicer and has a buddy seat so farm visitors will be much more comfortable.

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