Our 2nd greyhounds name is "Earl". He has turned out to be a great dog! I never thought we would find a dog as good a Boston but Earl is it. He is really quiet and the most enthusiastic running partner you can imagine. We let him out and he disappears in the field, always comes back tired-not sure what is going on out there.

He has gotten quite spoiled this winter, Julie made him a Saluki jacket that he wears for days on end when it is cold-and he really likes his blanket at night. Definitely a summer dog.

Julie got some great pics of him just keeping an eye on the property.

Click on the images below for a larger view.

Boston was our faithful dog for over 11 years. Boston was our first dog, we lost him on Jan 2, 2006. We all miss him terribly but he was getting old and just was in too much pain walking with arthritis and all. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do.

Greyhounds are so laid back they give all the advantages of a cat and a dog in one! Boston was adopted from the St. Louis REGAP Chapter (Retired Greyhounds as Pets). If you are interested in adopting a Greyhound I can't recommend it highly enough! For more information on Greyhounds check out the REGAP website at http://www.regap.com Earl came from Rescued Racers, which I also highly recommend. http://www.rescuedracers.com


See more pictures of Boston in the Photo albums.
UL, Boston wanted to put the music here for you. :)

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