The last two falls have really been challenging. It was really hard farming a wet fall with a regular job and the grain elevators closing early. It really stinks to take a day off work, get the employees to the field, and then have the elevator close at 11:00 or noon because they canít take any more wet corn that day.

To avoid another situation like 2008/2009 we are putting up our first grain bin. Not a big one-only 12,500 bushel, but it has a dryer so we can put in wet corn and dry it much cheaper than the grain elevator can. Also will allow us to run later in the evenings after the locals close and to store grain farther into the next year without paying the high storage costs.

Click on the images below for a larger view.

Construction Pics, All Completed-Newest at the bottom

To fill the bin we had to buy an auger-we got a 2008 Westfield 61ft. It is only 8Ē diameter so not the fastest in the world, but should be able to keep up fine with our small operation.

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