Well, here goes again. I wasn't planning on buying my larger tractor until about 2005 but I caught a great deal at an auction and could not pass it up.

This is a 1975 John Deere 4630. It has 155 horsepower, I was only planning on getting something like a 4230 or maybe a 4440 so this is a little bigger than I really need but you can never have too big when it comes to tractors right?

I drove it home 2 hours (36 miles) from Clinton, Il and it ran like a top! The air-conditioner works great and it has a nice radio, it came with a full set of front weights and a quick attach on the 3-pt hitch. Since I really don't need it for 2 years I may end up making a few cosmetic changes and just fixing it up and bit and reselling it later at a larger auction. The back tires are almost shot so if I end up keeping it those will have to be replaced relatively soon.

As you can see from the pictures at the bottom of this page I have put in a lot of cosmetic work over the last couple months. It looks a lot better than the pictures I first took below when I got it but I don't want to post of the whole tractor until I am done.

For now (until we start building out shed next spring) it is living with the combine over at the neighbors, if there is room in the shed at home this fall I will get a blade and move it back home and use it to push some snow or something.

Update 11/04 - We put about 100 miles on the tractor pulling wagons to the elevator and back. Other than a short in the battery cables it ran flawless. I am anxiously awaiting taking her to the field to disk this fall if it will ever stop raining in Central, IL.

Below are some pictures, Click on the images for a larger view.

Keeping Busy Over the Winter

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