ReBuilding a 220 Bean Head.
Here are the before and current pictures (Click to see larger images). Will post more when completed.
Before Current (7/06)
This page documents my summer project-rebuilding a 20ft grain platform. The old one I had on the combine last year was just way too small. New platforms are expensive, but used ones pretty cheap. I spent a long time looking but I finally found one with a straight frame, auger, and reel spider, and good sickle those are too expensive to replace. When I bought this it was shot. The reel was dented pretty badly, it had the old style wooden bats, etc.. Basically here is what we did:

1) Completely removed old reel and are replacing with a modern finger pickup-just like the new machines.
2) Rebuild auger fingers and bearing-replaced old steel one with safer poly fingers-like the new ones.
3) Replaced sickle and all hold down plates, wear plates, guards, etc.
4) Replaced all chains.
5) Replaced sickle drive belt.
6) Painted crop dividers, spider, etc..
7) Replaced hoses running to combine.
8) 2008-Replaced poly skid plates on bottom of head

Unplanned items we ended up doing:
8) Rebuilt auger slip clutch-as the one it came with was broken in half.

I hope to be completed by mid July-well before harvest-but am keeping the old one for this fall just in case. I have all parts purchased and when complete will have basically a new head with less than 20% of the cost of a new one.

Click on the images for a larger view.

Before Pictures-A straight but worn out platform.
Rebuilding.-The white stuff if called "Must for Rust", it stinks buy I must say it is amazing.
Spray it on, wait, and wire wheel it off and it takes rusted materials down to nice clean ready to paint raw metal.

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